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March 2015 FlyBass Newsletter

Posted by Brad Miller on 27th Mar 2015

FlyBass Newsletter - New Knots & Rod Reel Combos!

In this edition we'll show you a couple of speed terminal knots and look at some new rod/reel combo outfits. 

Terminal Speed Knots
Your cold, wet, and hungry and the light is bad. Tough times to tie a good knot? This time - and anytime is the right time to try one of these super fast and easy connection knots for a fly or jig. Check Out the Speed Knots.

Rod - Reel - Line Combinations
Consider a Fly Fishing Combination Outfit a great shortcut to ensuring a perfect match of rod, reel, line and backing for the beginner, intermediate, or as the perfect gift. Click Here for Videos.

The Stone Fly - Great Value
The Stone Fly Combination Outfit starts with the critical piece of the puzzle - the Rod. Many rods in the "inexpensive" category of outfits are cheap with plastic reel seats and substandard performance. The Stone Fly rod component is a quality graphite rod combined with a silky smooth Talon reel... Read More =>

FlyBass Premium Combination
At a medium price point, the FlyBass Nucast Premium Combination is the best quality outfit for those that can spend a little extra and want top performance in a moderate price range. These combinations combine the time tested Smokin' Hot Fly Rods with the elegant Synergy II machined aluminum reels, plus fly line and leaders.... Read More =>.

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