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Lefty's Popping Bug Bodies

Lefty's Popping Bug Bodies

We are the exclusive source for these deadly popping bug bodies sized for panfish, bass, and saltwater. Lefty Kreh is the greatest fly fisherman in the world, in my opinion. There is no other more experienced fly fisherman that has been a leader in education and promotion of the sport.

He designed this popper shape several years ago and it is absolutely deadly on any kind of water for panfish, bass, pike, and saltwater species, as well.

We offer three sizes in four colors of Yellow, Chartreuse, White and Black.

Here are our hook size suggestion:

1) Large Bodies = Mustad 34011 #2/0 or #3/0 (3/0 is larger)

2) Medium Bass = Mustad 34011 #01

3) Small Panfish = 4X Streamer hook #6 or Mustad 34011 #4 or #6 (6 is smaller).

Any streamer type hook in a 3XL or 4 XL shank length will work well.