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Pultz Bass-Panfish Balsa Popper Assortment-10

  • Little Fatty White/Black/White #2 & #8
  • Little Fatty Frog #2
  • Little Fatty Chartreuse/Black/Chartreuse #2 & #8
  • Mini Bass Popper Black over Chartreuse #2
  • Mini Bass Popper Black over White #2
  • Little Fatty GLOW #8
  • Bass Frog Slider
  • Bass Frog Slider #4 & Panfish Frog Slider #8
  • FlyBass-Pultz Ten Fly Assortment
PPop BP-10FB
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Product Description

Bass-Panfish Popper Assortment - 10 Flies

froglf500.jpgPultz poppers are the most detailed and durable balsawood poppers created in the U.S. today!

This assortment of ten flies is most comprehensive proven collection of the best bass and panfish poppers on the planet.

Neal Pultz and Brad Miller chose these patterns based on more than 70 years of collective experience in popper fishing.

These flies are so beautiful, you'll be afraid to use them and scuff them up. Don't worry, they're SO well made they will hold up to alot of abuse.

The Little Fatty's are the classic cup-faced popper body meticulously painted and finished. You get them in size #2 for bass and #8 for panfish.

The Mini-Bass Popper have a longer, more fusiform shape for those days when the fish want more of a minnow presentation, in sizes #4 - perfect for bass.

The Sliders are bullet shaped and a must for every fly box when the fish just won't take a popper - in size #4 (bass) and #8 (panfish).

All flies have clear eye holes to make life just a little easier for you!

In the All-Star Ten Fly Collection, you will get:


  • Little Fatty Frog #2
  • Little Fatty White/Black/White #2
  • Little Fatty Chartreuse/Black/Chartreuse #2
  • Mini Bass Popper White/Black/White #2
  • Mini Bass Popper hartreuse/Black/Chartreuse #2
  • Bass Frog Slider #4


  • Little Fatty GLOW #8
  • Little Fatty White/Black/White #8
  • Little Fatty Chartreuse/Black/Chartreuse #8
  • Bream Frog Slider #8


Assortments Only - Not available as individual flies.

Product Videos

Balsawood Popper Action - Pultz/FlyBass Assortment (08:26)
Brad Miller demonstrates the Pultz Popper selection (http://flybass.com/pultz-bass-panfish-balsa-popper-assortment-10/)available on FlyBass.com. All of the products on FlyBass.com have been field tested by Brad Miller himself, as well as others. This new assortment of balsawood poppers (made in the USA) contains six bass size and four panfish size poppers and sliders. This will handle most topwater situations you may find yourself in, especially if you're fishing bass and getting short hits from outsized panfish - you can switch to the panfish flies and go to work on them. The Stone Fly Outfit (http://flybass.com/stone-fly-rod-reel-line-combo/) contains a very reponsive graphite rod in line weights 4, 6, and 8. It has the correct backing and flyline to match as well as a tapered leader - everything you need to enjoy a balanced outfit and get fishing quickly with no guessing games.
  • Balsawood Popp...
    Brad Miller demonstrates the Pultz Popper selection (http://fl...
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