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FlyBass.com provides you quality products without the typical hype found on the internet today. We will help you select the best equipment for your specific needs.

We are not an "All things to All Flyfishermen Shop". We focus on unique items to make your fishing fun and effective by offering a multitude of video and other educational support.

The gear we sell will help you catch anything from pansfish to trout to tarpon. I don't just sell stuff, I live in this equipment have used everything I sell on this site!

Everything in the store has been used or personally evaluated by our "staff" (me & my buddies) to ensure it will serve you well.

I love smallmouth bass! I love everything about them. I returned to this sport several years ago after spending many years chasing trout and saltwater species.

I’ve fished smallmouth for over forty years on some of the most hallowed waters in the Midwest and Canada. Now I prefer fishing smaller, overlooked rivers near my home range of north central Minnesota.

My first love is fly fishing. After years of fishing the Rockies for trout I finally realized the best, most hassle-free fly fishing, was right outside my door on the warmer streams and rivers holding smallmouth bass and other great game fish.

We believe in valuable information for novice and advanced fly fisherman alike. We draw our information from some of the best fly fisherman in the country for your benefit.

21smallie.jpgAt right is probably my biggest smallmouth so far, 21 1/4 inches (taped) from the Ole Mississippi in central Minnesota way back in the early 90's on, you guessed it, a blockhead popper. If you want to consistently hook the big ones, it needn’t be by happenstance.

I‘ve fished most of the major rivers in the western mountain states and probed Caribbean flats, and south Florida backcountry. I truly enjoy the challenge and skill involved in enticing large trout on tiny flies on heavily fished waters.

I get a major jolt from saltwater, especially tarpon - there is no greater gamefish - period! Bonefish, snook, reds and other saltwater species are exceptional targets for the fly fisherman.

But things have changed for some of us.

Simple Pleasures
In today’s crazed world we rekindle simple pleasures like canoeing and wading. Quietly floating or stalking unheralded local waters supplants “pressure fishing” on famous over-trodden trout water.

Quietly slipping down an undeveloped stretch of river trumps gonzo bass boats and rock star fisherman. We treasure rivers that offer simplicity, intimacy and excitement to a sport that has become far too complicated and technology driven.

We aim to help you make better buying decisions based on the solid information presented.

If you have any questions, call me at: 218-831-2284, I answer my own phone and am glad to talk fishing!

Thanks for stopping by, see you on the river!


Brad Miller

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