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Fly Line & Backing


Fly line designed for bass and other large gamefish.

  • Cortland Precision Bass - Big Fly

    Precision Big Bass Floating (90')Bass bugs, poppers, and especially streamers require a short front taper to turn them over quickly and accurately. Precision Bass Big Fly is a full floating fly line that picks up easily and casts accurately whether...

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  • Invis-A-Leader Tapered Leader 2/pack

    Invis-A-Leader Tapered Leader 2/pack

    Invis-A-Leader - Pre-Looped - Tapered Knotless Leader - 2/pack The Invis-A-Leader is nearly invisible underwater. Powerful butt section for smooth turnover. Soft tippet for an accurate presentation. No tying loop knots - pre-looped. Advanced...

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