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Popper Tying Tips

Posted by Brad Miller on 1st Jun 2018

Go Get the Blues!

Posted by Brad Miller on 4th Aug 2017

New Carolina Blue Blockhead Popper Bodies!I've been getting bugged for years from fly fisher people out east in Virginia and North Carolina

New Water

Posted by Brad Miller on 3rd Jun 2017

Question: How often do we go back to the same fishing spots over and over again?Answer: A lot...Too Much...It must be human nature to return

The Most Versatile Fly Fishing Gear

Posted by Brad Miller on 20th Apr 2017

Good quality fly fishing gear for freshwater bass can be used on a number of other fish, worldwide. In Minnesota, we suggest people use 

How to Make Fly Line Welded Loops at Home

Posted by Brad Miller on 3rd Apr 2016

Welded Loops Made Easy Nail Knots have been the traditional method for attaching fly line to leaders. Fly line manufacturers are now creat