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March 2015 FlyBass Newsletter

Posted by Brad Miller on 27th Mar 2015

FlyBass Newsletter - New Knots & Rod Reel Combos! In this edition we'll show you a co

Best Fishing Speed Knots

Posted by Brad Miller on 24th Mar 2015

I've used the Swirle Knot for years as a terminal connection and it's fast and easy. Everyone has their favorites and as long as they hol
Choosing A Fly Reel

Choosing A Fly Reel

Posted by Brad Miller on 9th Feb 2015

Fly reels are an important part of every fly-fishing setup. The fly rod and fly line are more important, in most cases than the fly reel. Th

Smallmouth Fly Fishing - Old Ways Revised

Posted by Brad Miller on 31st Jan 2015

I wrote The Top Ten Smallmouth Flies - How to Tie and Fish Them in 2010. This eBook has sold quite well through the years and I am proud of

Santa Goes Fly Fishing

Posted by Brad Miller on 3rd Dec 2014

Tantalizing Tidbits for the Gift GiverHow About Some Unique Gifts for a change.....Aren't you tired of people saying, "I have no idea what t