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Smallmouth Fly Fishing - Old Ways Revised

Posted by Brad Miller on 31st Jan 2015

I wrote The Top Ten Smallmouth Flies - How to Tie and Fish Them in 2010. This eBook has sold quite well through the years and
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Santa Goes Fly Fishing

Posted by Brad Miller on 3rd Dec 2014

Tantalizing Tidbits for the Gift GiverHow About Some Unique Gifts for a change.....Aren't you tired of people saying, "I have
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High Water Headaches

Posted by Brad Miller on 4th Sep 2014

The weather around the country seems to be heading for extremes. Some parts of the U. S. are parched with wild fires and hist
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Learn to Cast

Posted by Brad Miller on 7th Aug 2014

I've been fishing with relative newbies to the sport of smallmouth fly fishing lately. The fishing has been quite good with a
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Tough Luck Smallmouth

Posted by Brad Miller on 31st Jul 2014

We executed a three team assault on a regional tributary of the Mississippi yesterday on July 31. We've been smitten with hig
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Getting Ready for Alaska

Posted by Brad Miller on 11th Jul 2014

Many of you have fished Alaska, many of you have not. I have the opportunity to revisit this incredible state some 20 years a
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