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  • Maxxon Double XX Fly Rod

    Double XX - High Modulus Carbon Graphite Fly Rod A smooth casting fly rod with superb action which enables you to present flies with a deleicate touch. Our 4 piece Double XX series has all the high...

    $149.99 - $164.99
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  • Maxxon Fly Rod/Reel Case Carrier

    Maxxon Fly Rod/Reel Case Carrier

    MAXXON ROD & REEL CARRIERSTough Two or Four Piece Fly Rod Cordura covered PVC tube, with attached padded reel pouch - color green or blue. What a great way to keep everything ready to go! I use...

    $29.95 - $39.99
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  • Maxxon Knotless Tapered Leader

    Maxxon Knotless Tapered Leader

    Tapered Leaders - 9' Our durable leaders roll over easily and keep fishing due to their high abrasion resistance. The nylon copolymer design make these leaders superior to monofilament leaders...

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  • Maxxon MAX Reel

    Maxxon MAX Reel

    MAX Series Fly Reel from Maxxon A fully CNC-machined fly reel for under $100? YES, YOU CAN BELIEVE IT! Our NEW Machined Aluminum ‘X’-reel or MAX, is the reel you have been asking for!...

    $97.99 - $117.99
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  • Maxxon Tippet Fluoro-Coated

    Tippet Material - Fluoro-Coated Nylon CoPolymer Maxxon Outfitters, LINC-C tippet is constructed using an advanced nylon copolymer design with a highly precise extrusion process, producing extreme...

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