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Your New Best Friend! The Mitten Scissor Clamp Fishing Tool

The handiest tool I've found in recent years is the Mitten Scissor Clamp.  When I'm fishing I generally carry several different kinds of tools.  One is a clipper or nipper for cutting line and poking out glue in the hook eye holes. I carry a needle-nose pliers for hook removal, crimping barbs and split shot or extracting [...]

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Saltwater Fishing on the Cheap

The Compleat Skinflint's Guide to Saltwater AnglingMany of you are lucky enough to escape the frigid grip of winter, if only for a week or two to warm weather destinations. Don't be afraid to pack a spinning or fly rod along. Many of us can only lay in the sun for so long before we [...]

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Fishing Aptitude Test

TEST YOUR FISHING KNOWLEDGE. I GOT THEM ALL CORRECT, DUE TO MY VAST FISHING EXPERIENCE in both Fresh and Saltwater. GOOD LUCK! Fishing Quiz for the Masters - Not As Easy As It Looks. Pass this quiz and consider yourself a Master Angler! The answers are all "d." How did you do?

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Search for the Perfect Popping Bug – Lefty’s Popping Bug

Today we pay tribute to one of the best popper patterns ever developed – Lefty’s Popping Bug. Any fly designed and refined by Lefty Kreh deserves the attention of all fly fisherman, but this fly pattern does not enjoy the notoriety of many of Kreh’s other patterns such as the Deceiver, the Half & Half, [...]

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Backyard Fly Fishing - by Brad Miller

May 15, 2012 New from Bronzeback Enterprises, Brad Miller just released his new book entitled: Backyard Fly Fishing. Backyard Fly Fishing offers on techniques and tactics to enjoy fly fishing opportunities in freshwater, close to home. In an era of high travel costs and limited public access, fish species such as sunfish, crappies, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, [...]

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FREE Top Ten EBook!

Top Ten Smallmouth Flies: How to Tie and Fish Them Get it FREE with every vise order! You bet! This great guide will help you tie and put fish on the end of your line like never before. With any vise or vise package order, you will get this eBook emailed directly to you at No Charge! Written [...]

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