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Backyard Fly Fishing - by Brad Miller


May 15, 2012

New from Bronzeback Enterprises, Brad Miller just released his new book entitled: Backyard Fly Fishing.

kindle-fire-in-handfull.jpgBackyard Fly Fishing offers on techniques and tactics to enjoy fly fishing opportunities in freshwater, close to home. In an era of high travel costs and limited public access, fish species such as sunfish, crappies, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and northern pike can provide excitement and fun for the beginner and expert alike. These fish are accessible to everyone.

Author Brad Miller brings over thirty years of multi-species fly fishing wisdom to this handbook. Backyard Fly Fishing offers excellent tips on uncovering little known and overlooked local lakes and rivers that may harbor excellent populations of gamefish awaiting your fly fishing prowess. We detail the exact methods and resources to find information few anglers know exists.

We discuss fish by species and include information on seasonal movements, tackle selection, effective fly patterns and fishing strategies to score on your local waters.

This book is a must reference for anyone wishing to do more localized fly fishing or introduce neophytes to this wonderful sport that is no longer the realm of trout snobs and overpriced private waters.