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Best Fishing Speed Knots

Posted by Brad Miller on 24th Mar 2015

I've used the Swirle Knot for years as a terminal connection and it's fast and easy. Everyone has their favorites and as long as they hold up - you're good. It's always fun to learn new ones, especially if they are REALLY easy!. So without further delay, I'll let you be the judge of two extremely fast and easy knots to tie. 

The first one: The Best Fishing Knot has been viewed nearly One Million times on YouTube. 

The second: The Davey Knot comes from Practical Patterns from Tightlines Productions.

These are the finest fly tying videos I've seen and they also include other tantalizing tidbits for the fly fishing addict. Check out the Davey Knot below and then click the Tightlines Production Link to get lost in fly tying for a day or two.

The Davy Knot from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.