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Almost Everybody Loves Boobies

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Your Love for Boobies Just Got Supercharged!

Booby or Boobie flies date back to the 1950's in England, where lake fishermen observed nymphs rising to the surface aided by bubbles of air. The bubble allowed the nymph to remain on the surface while it metamorphosed into a fly insect. 

Starting out on floating fly line to emulate nymphs, someone soon added larger foam boobies on sinking line to mimic baitfish. 

The Booby Craze had begun!

Booby flies were so effective on trout in England, they were soon banned on many bodies of water and still are today. But they are now used around the globe for a multitude of species in both fresh and saltwater. 

They are tied with marabou, flash materials, rubber legs, wire wrapped - anything you'd expect to see with a traditional fly - you'll now see on booby flies. 

Both round and barbell shaped foam heads are available in different sizes and colors are available here.

Here's a look at how to fish boobies: 

To learn more about Boobies, how to tie them and fish them, here are two great articles: 

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