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PEAK Fly Tying Accessories

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    FlyBass PEAK Pro Tyer Station

    FlyBass PEAK Pro Tyer Station

    FlyBass Pro Tyer Station - Everything you ever wanted for pro-level fly tying. It also makes the ultimate gift for someone looking to get into fly tying or looking to upgrade. You get nearly $600 worth of top quality fly tying tools for only $499...

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  • PEAK Desktop Organizer

    PEAK Desktop Organizer

    PEAK's Desktop Organizer PEAK's Desktop Organizer is a simple yet valuable addition to any tyers work area. This lightweight holder gives you a spot to store all your essential tying tools so they are not buried under packages of materials or lost on...

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  • PEAK Hex Hair Stacker

    PEAK Hex StackerPEAK has applied our straightforward and thorough design principles to our Hex Stacker to make even this seemingly simplest of tools slightly unique and just a little more functional.  The non-plated aluminum body will not build up...

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  • PEAK Magnum Hex Stacker

    PEAK Magnum Hex Stacker

    PEAK Magnum Hair Stacker Same concept as our standard Hex Stacker, but built magnum size to handle large bundles of hair for spinning and longer hairs such as buck tail.  The opening at the top is 1.13 inches in diameter and the cavity for the hair...

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  • PEAK Pick-N-Brush Fly Tying Tool

    PEAK Pick-n-Brush Fly Tying Tool PEAK's combo dubbing tool, the Ritt-Pick-N-Brush is almost a necessity on any bench.  It incorporates a nylon dubbing brush, bodkin needle and half hitch tool in one package.  The nylon brush is more gentle...

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  • PEAK Tool Post Caddy

    PEAK Tool Post CaddyHere's a useful accessory to help you stay organized and increase your materials, or that have rolled off on the floor. Hang your essential tools right next to your vise, out of the way, but there when you need them.  Fits any...

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  • PEAK's Desktop Organizer with tools

    PEAK's Desktop Organizer with tools

    PEAK's Desktop Organizer with tools. Never hunt for a missing tool again! I started using this little wonder recently and I love it! As usual, PEAK anticipates everything, it seems, for the fly tier. The organizer has a slot for just about any tool...

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  • Rotary Tying Techniques - PEAK

    Rotary Tying Techniques - Al Ritt - PEAK Fishing Learn the basic tying techiques using the PEAK rotary with PEAK Fishing and Whiting Frarms rpo staff ties Al Ritt. Al shows how to post wings, make neatly wrapped wire bodies, make a dubbing loop

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