booby.jpgBoobie flies are banned on many lakes and ponds in Great Britain due to their effectiveness on trout. Not suprisingly, these flies are sometimes called "Dolly Parton’s".

They are now used all over the world for trout and other species that love the action of this fly used on a sinking or weighted flyline that sinks to the bottom. The fly rises up after each strip of the flyline (which pulls it down).

This continual ascension of this fly causes fish to hit it as a rising nymph or baitfish struggling to get to the surface.

If you haven't tried boobies, you don't know what you're missing. Show your local fish some of these big boobies and hang on to your rod!

Read more about boobies HERE.

Supplies may be limited. If round boobies are out of stock, try the barbells, they work the same and are better for placing eyes.