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Vise Packages


We carry a great selection of fly tying kits whether you are just getting started, upgrading your current set up, or looking for a gift that will make them very happy indeed!

  • FlyBass PEAK Pro Tyer Station
    $538.50 $498.50 Choose Options FlyBass PEAK Pro Tyer Station
    FlyBass Pro Tyer Station - Everything you ever wanted for pro-level fly tying. It also makes the ultimate gift for someone looking to get into fly tying or looking to upgrade. You get nearly $600 worth of top quality fly...

  • Peak Fly Tying Package: Base Camp G2
    $248.95 Choose Options Peak Fly Tying Package: Base Camp G2
    Peak Base Camp G2 Vise Package For the tyer wanting to maximize the performance of their PEAK Rotary Vise. There are actually four versions of this kit! Always included are PEAK's: Accessory Shaft Brass Riser Brass...

  • Peak Rotary Vise
    $149.97 Choose Options Peak Rotary Vise
    Peak Rotary Vise If you are seriously getting into tying flies and wonder how to make your life easier? The PEAK Rotary is the answer! After reviewing a number of rotary vises, I believe the PEAK is...

  • Peak Fly Tying Package: Trailhead G2
    $224.95 Choose Options Peak Fly Tying Package: Trailhead G2
    PEAK Rotary Trailhead Package Here's a package that will set you up to tie for a lifetime, complete in a single box.  The PEAK Trailhead Package is built around our popular PEAK Rotary Vise. Available with either...

  • The Montana Mongoose is a vise, but comes as a kit! Unlike other vises, it comes with bobbin cradle, material clip, hackle gauge, deluxe carrying case, and we even throw in a Supreme ceramic bobbin.
    $218.99 Griffin Montana Mongoose Rotary Vise Package
    The Montana Mongoose Rotary is a vise tying package kit, and comes with these accessories at no extra charge: C-Clamp Pedestal Bobbin Cradle Material Clip Supreme Bobbin Hackle Gauge Deluxe Carrying...

  • PEAK Vise Traverse Package
    $154.95 PEAK Vise Traverse Package
    PEAK Vise Traverse Package No sacrifice in quality is made when you purchase this package.  All the quality PEAK Fishing products which we are known is included with the PEAK Traverse non-Rotary Vise Package. ...

  • Griffin Blackfoot Mongoose Traveler
    $144.95 Griffin Blackfoot Mongoose Traveler
    Blackfoot Mongoose Traveler Vise Package The Blackfoot is the perfect traveler - light weight, quick set-up and easy to use! Griffin's famous hook holding power has been continued with the Blackfoot. The tempered steel...

  • Griffin Montana Pro II Kit
    $129.95 Griffin Montana Pro II Kit
    If you've been waiting to start tying flies, this is one of the best places to start. Griffin is a trusted name in quality American made fly tying tools. This kit has everything you need to get going on the right foot. Or,...