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Vise Accessories


Make your vise come alive with these great add-ons! Here are a number of handy items to make life just a little easier. 

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  • Griffin Fly Tier's Wastebasket
    $23.97 Griffin Fly Tier's Wastebasket
    Griffin Fly Tier's Wastebasket This light-weight bag attaches to most vises without an adaptor and is adjustable to either a left or right position. It attaches to the frame with Velcro flaps making it very easy to remove...

  • Griffin Handle Extension
    $9.45 Griffin Handle Extension
    Griffin Mongoose Handle Extension Will fit any rotating handle with a 1/4" diameter.

  • Griffin Vise Pedestal
    $26.85 Griffin Vise Pedestal
    Griffin’s pedestal may be used with any vise using a 3/8” stem. It is constructed of heavy steel weighing approximately 4 lbs. It has a rubber pad on the bottom to protect against scratching the family heirloom...

  • PEAK Accessory Shaft
    $9.95 PEAK Accessory Shaft
    PEAK Accessory Shaft - A must have for all the other things you want close at hand! The famous PEAK base is large and heavy enough to provide for an extra accessory attachment provided by another 3/8" hole in the plate...

  • PEAK Additional Vise Jaws
    $39.95 Choose Options PEAK Additional Vise Jaws
    PEAK Optional Jaws are available for both: PEAK Rotary Vise (*-1) and PEAK non-Rotary Vise (*-NR)  Choose from: Midge Jaws -Our midge jaws are specifically profiled to allow more access to tie on smaller hooks...

  • PEAK Brass Screw Kit
    $9.95 PEAK Brass Screw Kit
    Brass Vise Screws Vise Bling! We may as well be honest, these screws won't affect your vise's performance.  The brass screws feature a plastic tip so not to score the metal interface. Plastic works just as well, but...

  • PEAK C-Clamp Vise Mount
    $39.95 PEAK C-Clamp Vise Mount
    Like all PEAK Fishing products, this clamp is rigorously engineered for maximum performance and durability. This clamp is built like a tank! As one reviewer stated "You could press bearings with this clamp." Unlike a...

  • PEAK D-Arm
    $9.95 PEAK D-Arm
    The D-Arm attaches to the turnstile to allow for a more natural grip when turning the vise handle. Turbo charge your tying by using this D-Arm to really crank 'em out! 

  • PEAK Desktop Organizer
    $11.95 PEAK Desktop Organizer
    PEAK's Desktop Organizer PEAK's Desktop Organizer is a simple yet valuable addition to any tyers work area. This lightweight holder gives you a spot to store all your essential tying tools so they are not buried under...

  • PEAK Hex Hair Stacker
    $14.95 PEAK Hex Hair Stacker
    PEAK Hex StackerPEAK has applied our straightforward and thorough design principles to our Hex Stacker to make even this seemingly simplest of tools slightly unique and just a little more functional.  The non-plated...

  • PEAK LED Powered Portable Fly Tying Light
    $139.99 PEAK LED Powered Portable Fly Tying Light
    High Performance LED Powered Portable Fly Tying Light Ready to light up your world? The new LED portable Fly Tying Light from PEAK provides a cool running extremely bright light. It will attach to any 3/8" vise stem, which...

  • PEAK Pedestal Base
    $39.95 PEAK Pedestal Base
    PEAK Vise Pedestal Base This is the most stable, most practical Pedestal Base you'll find! Don't have a PEAK vise? No problem, this base fits any vise with a 3/8" shaft. Oversize 6" x 6" footprint combined with the weight...

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